Episciences.org is developped by the Center for the Direct Scientific Communication (CCSD).

Steering Committee

The missions of the steering committee are the followings :

  • Follow-up of the existing epi-committees and creation of new ones
  • Coordination between the journals and the platform
  • Development of an international strategy
  • Economic models
  • Communication strategies

The members :

  • Serge Bauin (DIST CNRS)
  • Christine Berthaud (CCSD CNRS)
  • Marin Dacos (OpenEdition)
  • Jean-Pierre Demailly (UJF)
  • Odile Hologne (INRA)
  • Laurence El Khoury (DIST CNRS)
  • Claude Kirchner (INRIA)
  • Olivier Le Gall (INRA)
  • Pierre Mounier (OpenEdition)
  • Laurent Romary (INRIA)
  • Sylvie Rousset (DIST CNRS)