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Episciences is an innovative combination of the two routes of free access: the gold route by hosting journals in open access (overlay journals) and the green route where articles are submitted to these journals by depositing them in an open archive

The editorial boards of such epijournals organize peer reviewing and scientific discussion of selected or submitted preprints. Epijournals can thus be considered as “overlay journals” built above the open archives; they add value to these archives by attaching a scientific caution to the validated papers.

There is no charge to access articles. There is no charge to publish articles.

The objectives are to achieve free journals and implement free access to electronic versions of articles. The epijournals could be new titles or existing ones wishing to join the platform. The Episciences platform will host epijournals of all scientific subjects. Epijournals can be either new titles created from scratch, or existing ones wishing to join the platform with a compatible publishing policy.

Create an overlay journal on Episciences.org

Episciences is free software licensed under the terms of the GPL Version 3.

By design, Episciences is an actor of open science and open access. The journals hosted by the Episciences platform adhere to the FAIR principles (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, Reusable). The articles are available in open access via Episciences and on the original Archive; they benefit from a perennial access and a unique identifier. As with all scientific articles, they may be cited in accordance with the usual rules of deontology.