Steering Committee


The Steering Committee is composed of representatives of the supervisory bodies of the CCSD and of the institutions and actors that contribute to the smooth running of Episciences:

  • The Director of the CCSD ;
  • A representative of the CNRS;
  • A representative of Inria;
  • A representative of Inrae;
  • A representative of the Institut Fourier, Grenoble Alpes Université;
  • A representative of Mesri;
  • One representative of each epi-committee;
  • A representative of the Directorate of Culture and Scientific Information (DCIS) of Inria;
  • The Episciences project leader.

The members of the Steering Committee are:

  • Serge Bauin (CNRS-DDOR)
  • Marin Dacos (MESRI)
  • Stéphane Druel (Université Lyon 1 / epiMaths)
  • Nathalie Fargier (CCSD)
  • Claude Kirchner (Inria), president of the Steering Committee
  • Olivier Le Gall (Inrae)
  • Hélène Lowinger (Inria)
  • Pierre Mounier (OpenEdition - OPERAS)
  • Ariane Rolland (Institut Fourier)
  • Laurent Romary (Inria-DCIS)


The Steering Committee is responsible for :

  • defining the priority development axes and the financing model of Episciences;
  • monitoring the existing epi-committees and encouraging the creation of new epi-committees;
  • developing an international dissemination and communication strategy;
  • to set the conditions of access to the platform (admissibility criteria*) and the GCU;
  • decide on the acceptance of journal applications to the platform that have been previously examined by the epi-committees.

* Registration within the scope of Episciences (journals, data paper, software paper, any scientific discipline, existing or new publication), respect of open publication standards (peer review, commitment to the Episciences diamond model, transparency on evaluation procedures, editorial policy, composition and functioning of editorial bodies) and operational feasibility (organisation and technical capacity of the journal).

The Episciences Steering Committee operates within the framework validated by the Steering Committee of the CCSD.

The Episciences Steering Committee is kept informed of the platform’s activity and technical developments by the CCSD.

The CCSD is the final decision making body.

Functioning modalities

The Steering Committee meets every six weeks. It appoints a chairperson from among its members. The Chair of the Steering Committee sits on the Steering Committee of the CCSD.

The CCSD has a new governance in 2021. A review of the functioning of each of the new bodies and their interactions is planned after three years. For the sake of consistency, the mandate of the members of the Episciences Steering Committee will end in 2023.

Page updated on: 10/05/2022